I have been dancing 5Rhythms for over 18 years and teaching since 2008. For me the 5Rhythms opens up the territory of my life and learning, it shows me who are am and where my strengths and weaknesses lie. It gives me the insights and tools needed to follow my path in life as a unique individual expression of the divine. I run classes, workshops and residential retreats in the West Midlands and beyond. "But why dance?" you might ask.

For me the answer is simple - it has changed my life and I love it. Through the 5 Rhythms I have become more alive, more real and more available in my meetings with others. I have learned to be more spontaneous and in the moment whilst taking myself less seriously than before. However, I have also gained a greater integrity and a deeper commitment to my life, my death and to my relationships.

Your journey with the 5 Rhythms will be your own and unique path and healing experience, but I know it will support you too if you choose the dancing path.

Hope to meet you in the dance.

Name: Neil Pinnock 

Current location: West Midlands UK

Dancing: A lifetime, 
5Rhythms    since     2000

5Rhythms Heartbeat training     2018
5Rhythms with Gabrielle Roth   2008
MA Dramatherapy                          2015
Certificate in dance psychology          2002 
PCert Ed  - teaching qualification        1996
BA Hons. Photography                        1991

Work & Experience: 
Dance, Drama, Photography, 
Fire Performing, Teaching,
Walkabout Theatre, Theatre in Education, Travel, Love, Life....
Adventure, growth and community!

Neil has passion, and energy, and a sense of humour. He stirs up whirlwinds, and then drops through surprising doors into tenderness and vulnerability.” Andrew Holmes

“What I love about Neil is that he is total in his dance."

Gabrielle Roth

Neil Pinnock is qualified to teach both Waves and Heartbeat levels of the 5Rhythms

He trained with Gabrielle Roth and Faculty in 2008 and is a member of the 5 Rhythms™ Teachers Association. As a 5Rhythms Global member he committed to ongoing study with 5RG as part of his ongoing professional development with the 5Rhythms™. As well as regular teaching, Neil supports and mentors 5Rhythms Space Holders and newly qualified teachers.

Any student wishing to follow a path of teacher training with the 5 Rhythms™ can count hours danced with Neil as part of their Waves accumulation and Heartbeat hours too.

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