Elemental Heart

5Rhythms™ in Greece August 17th - 24th 2018

Elemental Heart 

with Neil Pinnock.

A Heartbeat™ and Waves™ workshop.

Join us on this workshop in the Greek sunshine. We will celebrate life and explore the territory of body & heart through the 5Rhythms dance & community living.

Elemental Heart is a week of dance and exploration; an invitation to discover who we are when we are willing to turn up and participate in life and with each other. Using the maps of the 5Rhythms™ developed by Gabrielle Roth, we will give attention to our bodies and honour our emotions through movement, breath, dance and community. Each day we will dance, share, eat together, go to the beach and participate in some of the activities that sustain our community. This will be a nurturing and transformative week, supported by the dance and the community. More than just a workshop, more than just a holiday.

We will start each day with warming and waking the body and dancing a wave together. We will be exploring and deepening our connection to self and others with focus on the elements that are present in all of creation; Earth, Fire, Water, Air & Spirit. Then during the week we will be moving into the territory of the heart, we will explore our feelings and connect to the essential emotions that give presence and purpose to our lives.

Afternoons are for exploring. We will invite the Greek sun to open our hearts as we bask on the beautiful beaches, chill in the shade of the gorgeous community gardens or explore the enchanting local villages and cafes.  As the afternoon draws to a close, we are invited to participate in community life, assisting in a variety of daily activities such as helping with the evening meal or harvesting in the gardens. At night the community draws back together to share a delicious vegetarian meal and highlights from the day.

This retreat will help to ground you in your body, in your heart centre and in your essential energy. Giving yourself time to share with us on this retreat will leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to return home with the warmth of the sun and renewed clarity in your heart.

An holistic holiday offering the gifts of activity and learning through immersion and participation. Based in the wild woods of Anilio, at the well-established community setting of Kalikalos Holistic Network, we are close to beautiful beaches on the Greek Pelion peninsular. There are a range of options for accommodation including shared rooms and camping within the community facilities.


includes a week of food, accommodation and workshops

Flights from Gatwick to Volos around £300+ with EasyJet

Travel info here

For more information and to book visit the Kalikalos website

or call  Neil +44 7761 856154

We would love you to join us, here is what to expect.

> A nourishing mix of workshop activity, free time and community sharing.Great food and great people.
> All food, accommodation & workshops included

> Warm and welcoming people

> Beautiful surroundings of forest and coast

> Wonderful Mediterranean food

> So much more than just a holiday

> To be refreshed, renewed and invigorated

> An adventure with wholesome outcomes

> Participating in community

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