Events & Residential workshops


Dancing out (of) the Shadows

March 23rd - 25th 2018

Workshops 2018, details soon.

March 3rd - Discovery

A day Workshop in Shrewsbury

March 23rd-25th

Dancing out the Shadows

Spring cleaning for the soul, Wildways

May 5th - 7th

Gods & Goddesses / Masks and Mirrors

Weekend at Wildways with Archetypes

June 15th - 17th - Heart Matters

Weekend at Wildways with HEARTBEAT work

August 17th - 24th - Elemental Heart

A week in Greece dancing and living in community with earth, sea and sun at the Kalikalos centre. August 17th - 24th

Details here

September 21st - 23rd

Cacoa and 5Rhythms

Weekend at Wildways - with Neil Pinnock and Sole Satiam September 21 - 23rd

November 2nd - 4th

Ascending and Descending

Weekend at Wildways

December 29th - 1st January 2019

Guiding Star

New Year Retreat, Wildways

As the days lengthen and we enter the light half of the year, it's a good time to do a little spring cleaning. Illuminating the shadows and highlighting the path ahead we will move forwards with a clearer vision and renewed energy.

Residential workshop @ Wildways Retreat Centre

Booking soon - prices from £170